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Introduction To Archery:

Archery is an inclusive sport which allows you to participate at whichever level you choose – whether it’s pitted against yourself as you try to improve your score at a particular distance or in competition with archers who have represented their country at international level.
The sport is broken down into different categories depending on the type of bow that is used and the different courses that are shot.

There are three main types of bow used in archery:




Named after the shape of the bow limbs as they curve back on
themselves. Can be one piece or built-up from two limbs and a
riser body.

Beautiful traditional one piece bow typically made of Hickory and Lemonwood. 
Mastering the longbow takes time, great skill and strength.


Employing a system of cams and pulley that changes the power
characteristics of the bow. This allows more time for aiming at
full draw without tiring the archer.

There are further types of bows such as the American flat bow, the Mongolian bow and others based on traditional styles which are also used.  Crossbows are never allowed at Six Towns Company Of Archers.



There are also two main types of shoot at our club:


Set rounds shot indoors in winter and outdoors during summer.


Where the target is marked out on the ground with a coloured flag.  The arrows closest to the flag score the highest points.

Six Towns Company Of Archers

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