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12. How much does it cost?

A 'Have A Go' session is £5 and we will hold this for you upon request. Beginners courses are £40 for a 4 week course then if you would like to join the club, the annual club membership fee is composed of two parts; the GNAS affiliation fee and the Club Membership. Reductions in the basic GNAS fee are available to juniors, and GNAS fees are not set by us and therefor can vary each year but are generally around £50 for adults and £10.50 for juniors up to the age of 24. Club membership fees are £70 per year for Seniors which includes the joining fee and £40 per year for Junior members which includes joining fee . Or people can pay the GNAS fees then pay £10 joining fee to become a club member and then £3 each time they come to shoot. The juniors joining fee is inclusive of GNAS fees. All club fees are pro rata beginning 1st February each year. If you wish to be an associate member then the fee is £3 everytime you come to shoot or you can pay the club fees and become a member.
You are able to purchase an intermediate bow kit for around £250.
Bow prices range from £50 up into the £1000's for pro level bows. You are able to purchase second hand bows from places such as eBay where you could get a good bow at a bargin price. Most new starters do this as its normally the cheaper option.

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